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Powergrid InvIT IPO
POWERGRID InvIT IPO April 2021 Date, Price, GMP, D

Powergrid InvIT IPO


The subscription for PowerGrid Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT)''s public offering (IPO) began on April 29. The subscription will end on May 3rd. This is the country''s first infrastructure investment trust IPO, and it will be the third ....

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Demat account openings hit a record of 14.2 million in FY2021
Stock Market Trading

Demat account openings hit a record of 14.2 million in FY2021


Amidst the global pandemic and market disruptions, Indian investors opened 14.2 million new demat accounts in FY2021 which is the highest record. It is almost three times the number in the previous fiscal year. According to data from Natio....

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Nifty50 turns 25 - Nifty50 completed 25 years of its journey on 22 April 2021
Nifty50, Nifty 50 new entry 2021

Nifty50 turns 25 - Nifty50 completed 25 years of its journey on 22 April 2021


On April 22, India''s flagship stock index, the Nifty50 celebrated its 25th anniversary. The equity barometer was founded on April 22, 1996, and its components have changed significantly since then, indicating the country''s changing business-e....

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Algo trading guide for beginners
Algo Trading

Algo trading guide for beginners


Artificial Intelligence is widely used all over the world to carry out certain complex tasks easily without any human intervention. Algorithmic trading is a part of AI. Algo trading consists of pre-defined set of rules and parameters set up in ....

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Fresh Restrictions in Maharashtra and its effect on markets
Uddhav Thackeray, Maharashtra lockdown guidelines,

Fresh Restrictions in Maharashtra and its effect on markets


India saw the largest-ever daily increase in Covid-19 cases, with 1,03,558 new cases added to the country''s total of 1,25,89,067. Maharashtra remained the worst-affected state in the country, with 57,074 new infections registered on Sunday, t....

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Suez Canal Blockage and how was it freed?
Suez Canal, Suez Canal and how was it freed?

Suez Canal Blockage and how was it freed?


Egypt''''s SUEZ- As dredgers worked desperately to free one of the most giant container ships trapped sideways in the waterway which was disrupting global shipping, a maritime traffic jam expanded to more than 200 vessels outside the Suez Cana....

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Here are some less-known tax deductions to help you axe your income tax
Tax deductions, How to reduce your income tax

Here are some less-known tax deductions to help you axe your income tax


We often try to save up on taxes by investing in different schemes and options. The tax-savings season is nearly coming to an end. Often, we consider well-known options like insurance (endowment or moneyback policies), equity-linked savings sch....

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Barbeque Nation Hospitality IPO

Barbeque Nation Hospitality IPO


Barbeque Nation Hospitality is launching a fresh issue of equity shares worth up to Rs 180 crore, as well as an offer to sell up to 54,57,470 equity shares.  The Rs 453-crore initial public offering (IPO) of Barbeque Nation Hospitality wil....

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Algo Trading

Algos are changing India’s stock market


Indian traders and investors are quickly catching up with algorithmic trading, a gift of technical advancement to the stock market. Professional traders and arbitrageurs use modern technology tools to increase speed of execution in order to kee....

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Commodity trading, Commodity market, Stock market

10 basic rules of commodity trading


A commodity is a range of assets and resources such as food, energy and metals which are used in daily life. A lot of traders take keen interest in commodity trading as commodities are consumed on daily basis. But before trading in commodity, o....

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commodity trading, equity trading

Which is the best trading option for Intraday, Commodity or Equity?


Intraday trading is a risky type of investment where both equity and commodities bear risk factor.  Equity markets are only open for a few hours at a time, so there''''s no reason to look at the computer all day, but commodity markets are....

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Best Intraday tools for commodity trading

Best Intraday tools for commodity trading


If you are an Intraday trader, using Intraday trading tools can make your life pretty easy. Although you must be having some questions in your mind before using tools for trading. Intraday trading is a challenging stream which involves buy....

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Craftsman Automation IPO launch date End date Pric

Craftsman Automation IPO


Craftsman Automation has set a price band of Rs 1,488-1,490 per share for its Rs 824 crore Initial Public Offering (IPO) which is all set to hit the market on March 15th. The firm will utilize net fresh issue funds for debt repayment purpose. T....

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Demat account opening, how to open Demat account

what is the minimum amount required to open a demat account?


Demat account has been a point of discussion in the past blogs. Every individual which has fair knowledge about share market knows that holding a demat account is mandatory in order to trade in the share market. Any investor in India who intend....

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Mutual fund, ETF, stock market investment

Which one is better: ETF or Mutual fund?


When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, your investment planner is likely to suggest exchange-traded funds and mutual funds as options. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds have a number of similarities, which can easily confuse a ....

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Demat account opening, how to open Demat account

How to open a Demat account in a minor's name?


In previous blogs we had discussed about the importance of holding a demat account in order to own shares. One must have a Demat account to buy any company''''s shares. This can be opened with the depository participant and shares are kept in p....

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Annual Maintenance charges, AMC, Demat account

What is the AMC for a Demat account each year?


Annual Maintenance Charges or AMC is charged in order to maintain your Demat account. The amount of AMC that you have to pay depends on the broker you are with. It ranges from Rs150, most charge Rs 300 and some even charge as much as RS 800/900....

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Demat account without PAN card, Share market

Why is PAN card a mandatory document for opening a Demat account?


In the previous blog, we had witnessed that holding a PAN card is mandatory for opening a Demat account. In this blog we will discuss about why is PAN card mandatory and an essential document.   To enhance KYC (Know Your Customer) norms,....

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Demat account without PAN card, Share market

Can I open a Demat account without PAN card?


About Demat account Demat account is essential for any kind of activity such as trading in stock market and shares etc as it holds all the records of shares and securities bought by an individual in electronic format. You cannot buy, sell or....

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TATA motors, Electronic motor vehicles, Automobile

TATA motors likely to launch more electric motor vehicles in 2021-22


Recognizing electric vehicles as transportation''s future, the automotive industry is revolutionizing the way energy is used, produced and redirected to address the growing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and their contribution to globa....

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Demat account, how to open demat account

How would I recover my Demat account number?


Today, a Demat account is as essential as holding a bank account, as it gives you access to different choices for investment. You can invest and trade in equities, derivatives, currencies, stocks, mutual funds and more with a Demat account. ....

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Margin pledge system, Stocks, Demat account

Margin pledge system


By definition, pledging refers to the process of using your stocks as securities to enjoy the benefits of a loan. It operates like any other mortgage loan, like gold jewellery in a gold loan, where you use an asset as collateral. Traders in the....

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Share market investment, Stocks, Share market news

Common mistakes done by new investors


Investing in any form comes with a bit of risk, especially when you are investing in shares, as shares are subject to volatility in the market. Although it’s a human tendency to make mistakes, they always teach you lessons. Investors who a....

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Foreign Institutional Investors, FIIs, Shares

FIIs up stake in 457 companies


In the December quarter, foreign institutional investors (FIIs) who were net buyers and bought shares worth approximately Rs 1.7 lakh crore in 2020 sequentially raised stakes in more than 400 companies. 68 of the 457 companies raised stake in ....

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Budget 2021, Nirmala Sitharaman, Atmanirbhar Bhara

Budget 2021 announcements


In the speech which lasted for almost 2 hours, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced high capital expenditure for the fiscal and emphasized more on infrastructural development. Sitharaman tabled the 15th report of the Finance Commission....

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FDI, Foreign Direct Investment, FDI rise by 22%

FDI flows rise sharply


Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows rose by 22 percent (YoY) to $58.37 billion from April to November 2020 which is deemed to be the highest for any fiscal year for the first 8 months, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said on....

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UltraTech Cement, Q3, FY2020-21, FY21

UltraTech Cement Q3 net profit jumps to Rs 1,584.6 crore


On Saturday, Aditya Birla group firm UltraTech Cement announced a 122.56 percent jump in its consolidated net profit for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021 to Rs 1,584.6 crore as compared to Rs 711.2 crore in the corresponding quarter o....

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Budget 2021, Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Budget

What to expect from the Union Budget 2021?


The finance minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman is all set to propose the budget 2021. All eyes are set on the budget 2021 as the economy slowly gains momentum amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The budget is to be presented on 1st February, 2021.....

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7 most common myths about stock market investment

7 myths about stock market investments


Many investors think twice whether to invest in stork market or not. But before making any decisions one should acquire adequate knowledge about the market and its proceedings. Myths can influence one’s decision and can turn investment into los....

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Indigo Paints IPO: Issue Date, Price, Review

Indigo Paints all set to launch its IPO in the market on 20th January


Indigo Paints is one of the fastest growing paint companies and bags a place amongst the top 5 paint companies in India. Indigo Paints IPO will be open for subscription on 20th January and will last till 22nd January. Price band of per share is....

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IRFC IPO, Indian Railways IPO

IRFC IPO - Indian Railway Finance Corporation IPO


There are at least 15 IPOs scheduled for 2021, of which six are likely to take place in January. On January 18, the State-owned Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) has planned to initiate its first public subscription offer and has s....

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RBI, Reserve Bank Of India

RBI predicts a sharp rise in bad loans


If the macroeconomic environment continues to worsen, the share of bad debt in the Indian banking sector could rise to as much as 14.7 percent by March 2021, the Reserve Bank of India stated in its financial stability report. The latest repo....

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Intraday trading, Position trading, Intraday vs Po

Intraday trading vs Position trading


Each trader has an opportunity to choose the form of trading from the two key options available on the share market, i.e., Intraday and Positional. There is no need to pick one of them as the trader can choose both options with his single ....

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Momentum trading, Momentum Algo trading, Momentum

Momentum based Algo trading is turning out to be profitable strategy


Gist of Momentum based trading Owing to the own rationale that says "buy high and sell higher," momentum investing is a fascinating tactic. Investing based on momentum sounds less like an investment plan and more like a mind-boggling respon....

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Algo Trading

Algorithmic vs Manual trading


We are living in the 21st century which is subtly dynamic and developing every single minute. Artificial Intelligence has taken over manual activities of human kind. This has a lot to do with trading reforms in the modern era. Manual trading is....

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Algo Trading

Algo-trading, a game changer for traders


Trading is a complex activity which includes involvement of mental, physical, tactical and analytical awareness in order to make the most out of the share market. It explicitly needs time, attention and resources. The returns are always a motiv....

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Top 10 dividend yielding companies, Dividend



Dividends are distributed as portion of the company’s profit and are paid out to the shareholders of a company. Dividend yield measures the sum of earnings by way of the total dividends that investors make by investing in that stock. It usually....

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Algo Trading

Be Algo trading ready in 2 minutes with Indira Securities


You must have got a fair idea by now of what algorithmic trading is and how it’s beneficial than other trading services. Indira securities being a full-service provider has always believed in providing the best services to the traders and inves....

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Financial planning, 10 basic rules of financial pl

10 basic rules of financial planning


Financial planning and money management is essential as it provides a blueprint of how things can be done and administrated smoothly without any sudden shocks from the monetary point of view. Money is everything, one can’t sustain for a long ti....

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Health Insurance Policies, COVID-19,Mediclaim

10 things you need to analyse before buying a health insurance


Health insurance policies were always a thing which gained humans interest even before COVID-19. Amidst the spread of pandemic all over the world, people have started thinking critically to opt for a health insurance policy. Health issues are v....

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Full-service brokers, Discount brokers, Share mark

Full-service brokers Vs discount brokers- What’s the difference?


Full-service brokers provide you every possible assistance and information relevant for your trading purposes. You get the entire kit with a full-service broker. In simple words, someone else controls your investment portfolio for you, making a....

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Majesco, Insurance Technology, Share market,NSE

Majesco board approves interim dividend payment for FY 2020-21


Mumbai Based Insurance Technology firm Majesco declared payment of interim dividend of Rs974 per equity share on Tuesday for the financial year 2020-2021. These shares carry a face value of Rs5 each. At around 9.46 a.m. (IST), the company''s sh....

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Burger King IPO, LIC IPO, Indian Railway Finance C

IPO’s subtly getting oversubscribed, representing the keen interest of investors


A lot of business entities are taking keen interest in proposing IPO ever since the horrifying pandemic took place. Today, the 810crore initial public offering (IPO) of Burger King India will debut on the stock exchanges, i.e., 14 of December. ....

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UPL Share falls: Here’s what you need to know


The Largest producer of agrochemical in India UPL''s shares dropped on Thursday with a drop of 15 percent after a whistleblower claimed that the money was syphoned off by the promoter. Sensex was down 0.69 percent at 45,785.95 An intraday lo....

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Life Insurance, Yes Bank, UTIAMC

LIC increases its Stake as it focuses more on Large-Cap Shares


The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), the largest domestic institutional investor that is also considering an initial public offering, has made a lot of changes to its portfolio this year in the September quarter. While the previous....

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HDFC bank, online banking, transactions, HDFC

HDFC Customers Faces Technical Glitches


HDFC Bank customers reported issues with their net banking and digital payments. Many were unable to carry out successful transactions, although others went so far as to state that they could not withdraw cash from ATMs. According to India’....

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Delta Hedging in Bank Nifty, Hedger Funds, Bank Ni

Delta Hedging in Bank Nifty


What is Delta Hedging? Delta hedging is a trading technique that lowers the directional risk associated with the price fluctuations of an underlying asset. Though, the hedge is achieved Ultimately by the use of options, the aim is to a....

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NSE, BSE, Indian stock market, Volatility

Decrease margin requirement in NSE derivatives by hedge positions


The NSE''s latest Margin Policy Framework was structurally modified as to how margins are measured with effect from 1 June 2020. Margins in F&O for naked positions need more margins and in contrast, hedged positions need much lower margins ....

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SEBI, NIFTY, SENSEX, Share market, Traders

SEBI adopts the concept of peak margins reporting from December 1, here’s what you need to know


The concept of peak margin reporting has been adopted from today, December 1, 2020. This would have a huge effect on the intraday margin/limit that clients, along with other adjustments, are currently enjoying.  For all segments- ....

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Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat and trading account --> Update your Mobile Number/Email id with your Depository Participant and Stock Broker. Receive alerts on your Registered Mobile for all debit and other important transactions in your demat/trading account directly from CDSL and Stock Exchanges on the same day.........issued in the interest of investors...

1. Stock Brokers can accept securities as margin from clients only by way of pledge in the depository system w.e.f. September 1, 2020.

2. Update your Mobile Number & Email Id with your Stock Broker/ Depository Participant and receive OTP directly from Depository on your Email Id and/ or Mobile Number to create pledge.

3. Pay 20% upfront margin of the transaction value to trade in cash market segment.

4. Investors may please refer to the Exchange's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) issued by NSE vide. Circular No. NSE/INSP/45191 dated: July 31, 2020 and NSE/INSP/45534 and BSE vide Notice No. 20200731-7, dated: July 31, 2020 and 20200831- 45 dated: August 31, 2020 and dated: August 31, 2020 and other guidelines issued from time to time in this regard.

5. Check your Securities/ MF/ Bonds in the Consolidated Account Statement issued by NSDL/ CDSL every month.

"As per the directives of CDSL and esteemed Exchanges, it has been made mandatory for every client to furnish their latest KYC details viz. Valid Mobile No., Email- Id & Income range on or before 31.05.2021 else your Account will be marked as Non Compliant and will be Freezed till the compliance of such requirement."





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