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Bracket Order | November 15
What is Bracket Order and Cover Order?

  What is Bracket Order and Cover Order? The price of stocks in the stock market see a lot of fluctuation. In the blink of an eye, the stock price can take a turnaround. Thus, it becomes difficult to track every movement of the market. If the desired price does not come in the eyes of the investor, it can lead to lesser profits or higher losses. Thus, tracking stock price movement is essential. To overcome this problem, bra....

Indira GroupIndira Group
How to Overcome the Fear of Investing in Stock Mar | November 14
10 Things Every New Stock Investor Needs To Know!

10 Things Every New Stock Investor Needs To Know! Picking up the right stocks for you can be a daunting task, especially if you are a new stock investor. Being the first time in the stock market, the individual may end up picking wrong stocks. Stock markets are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, it becomes important that the new stock investor does his homework well before putting his money in stock markets of India. In th....

Indira GroupIndira Group
Indira Securities | October 23
Indira Securities – The Best Website to Get Proper Information

Indira Securities – The Best Website to Get Proper Information An investor cannot afford to be ignorant or ill-informed when it comes to investing in the stock market. Any sort of ignorance or wrong information can lead to poor decision making. The ultimate consequence is losses in the stock market. Therefore, it becomes important for any investor to know the right information in a timely manner so that correct positions can be taken. ....

Indira GroupIndira Group
World Market | October 16
Which World Markets To Track with Timing

Which World Markets To Track with Timing Stock exchanges are influenced by many factors. There can be fluctuations and volatile sessions of trade due to any news or any other reason. Thus, it is very important to keep a track of various factors that affect the stock markets. If any trader or investor ignores any of the relevant factors, it can result in either loss of opportunity or heavy losses. Here, not only the domestic factors but....

Indira GroupIndira Group
Stock Market Trading | October 12
What is Fundamental Analysis?

What is Fundamental Analysis? In the past few years, the interest of people towards the stock markets has grown significantly. After demonetisation, it has been seen that many people are turning towards the stock markets or mutual funds to invest their savings. The reason that attributes to people’s interest in stock market is higher returns. The sky is the limit when it comes to making good returns in the stock market. Along with ....

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