Benefits of choosing IndiraTrade's Algo Trading Platform


Reduced price impact

Your order is split into randomised units to minimise visibility and execute gradually


Automated trading

Rely on cutting-edge trading strategies to monitor the order book and manage execution


Targeted price arrivals

Use an algorithm to carry out your order according to a price target and time frame determined by you


Advanced technology

Use investment bank technology to combat gaming and reduce signalling


Greater liquidity

Benefit from access to greater liquidity across lit and dark execution venues


Easy to use

Add advanced algorithmic strategies to your trading at no extra cost H4-Why choose Indira's Algo trading platform?

Use Algorithmic Trading to Grow your portfolio & Income

Indira Group provides its clients a robust Algo trading platform with a set of fully automated as well as chart based trading systems. Users who have their own defined trading rules that can be logically defined or expressed mathematically can get their Algos developed with us.
Indira Group provides Algo Trading Services on the following platforms:

What Our Clients Say

"I have been trading with Indira Securities over a decade now. Ever since I have been working with them, I have never looked back."

Rishi Khandelwal

"I'm a sub-broker with Indira Securities for 4 years now. I am very proud to have taken the right decision to associate with Indira Group."

Soniya Malhotra, Ujjain

"I'm a business partner with Indira Group since 1997. They have also launched Algo trading platforms which has eased my trading tasks to a great extent"

Lokesh Parikh, Udaipur

"Indira Securities work and provides information in a systematic manner and after a lot of research which adds lots of value to the client and helping in quick decision making related to where to invest and at what time to invest."

Prashant Goyal

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